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“Focused Makes Perfect ” Focused Joint The 2019(12th) Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition From July 30 - August 1, 2019

Release Time: 2019-07-30

  2019 (12th) International Internet of Thing Exhibition Since 2009, during the past 9 years, the scale of this expo has expanded fast with its influence far reaching. The event attracted 706 exhibitors and more than 101510 visitors in 2018, visitors are from 20 countries - China, Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the US.
As a leading enterprise in the RFID card and RFID label industry, Focused Smart Card has participated in 4 consecutive sessions. The booth area, booth design and exhibitors are the highest in the past.

In the coming exhibition , Focused will be launched new arrivals Biodegradable smart card,  RFID anti-tamperproof sticker NTGA413 DNA,NTAG424 DNA serials.
Biodegradable Smart Card

Made of renewable material, easy to recycle and degrade , what’s more, no release any toxic gas when burning ,turn into organic fertilizers when buried ..With anti-aging and environmental-friendly feature.

Anti-Tamperproof Sticker NTAG 424DNA/NTAG424 DNA TT

NTAG 424 DNA Tag comes with AES-128 cryptographic operation and a new Secure Unique NFC (SUN) Message feature to generate tap-unique data authentication upon each read-out by an NFC enabled mobile device. This enables most advanced product and content protection, plus secured exclusive user experiences served in real time.
Advanced anti-counterfeiting ,Secure authentication and configuration of closed loop devices, Smart advertising,Verified product and electronic equipment, electronic shelf label, Advanced security check


Focused will absolutely expand more market influence for attending 2019 (12th) International Internet of Thing Exhibition .Welcome you to visit our booth 1A276 sincerely .