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Application of Rfid tags

Release Time: 2019-09-18

Libraries use RFID tags extensively to protect their inventory and RFID tags, allowing people to use self-checkout machines. When you use one of the machines to check books in or out of the library, you may want to know how to know which books you borrowed without having to scan the barcode. The answer is that there is an RFID chip inside the cover of the book. When you place the book on the glass, the machine automatically reads the details of the book by sending a radio signal to the chip. Since the radio waves pass directly through the cardboard and paper, you don't even have to open the book!
RFID tags may become more popular in the future. Soon, RFID chips may be embedded in your passport to speed up your port and airport. An RFID chip implanted under your skin can save your life by transmitting your medical information to an emergency team. The doctor simply swipes the reader (or anywhere the chip is implanted) to instantly access your medical records. Systems like this clearly raise people's huge concerns about privacy. The implanted identity chip monitors everything we do and every place we've been to. While there may be huge benefits, most people need a lot of persuasion to accept such serious privacy violations.