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RFID Paper Card

Release Time: 2019-09-18

Smart card systems have become an essential element of the security industry. Smart card technology can be applied to different applications, such as access control systems, attendance systems, visitor control systems, elevator control systems, facility reservation systems, and parking management systems.
Access control system
Access control systems are used to control and monitor entrances in residential buildings, commercial centers, offices, construction sites or any enclosed area. The system can use different types of smart card readers and card operations, such as Octopus cards, which is currently the most common type of card in Hong Kong. In addition, the system can be applied to revolving doors and parking lots. All access records can be exported to different types of reports if needed.
Attendance System
The system uses contactless smart card technology, designed according to the requirements of general office and factory users, replacing the traditional attendance recorder. The system requires only one computer and one smart card reader, which can handle unrestricted employee records. In addition to recording general personal information, the system can also process holidays, leave applications and attendance records. All attendance records can be exported to different types of reports for analysis. In addition, using a smart card instead of a paper card can reduce monthly fees and employee cards.
Visitor control system
The system is suitable for any area that controls the number of visitors for security purposes. All visitors must first register, including the visitor's personal information and work location. Each visitor will receive a visitor card who can enter or leave the building multiple times before the due date. By using the system software, you can generate a list of visitors who have not left the building.