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Support OEM & ODM, Customized RFID products, Professional technical & service team, 10 years global export experience for more than 70 countries.
Mifare Ultralight Payment Card
13.56mhz Nfc Payment Card
Cashless PVC RFID MIFARE Ultralight EV1 13.56Mhz NFC Payment Card
13.56Mhz NFC Payment Card is a product of paying that doesn't require cash. You just need to tap or hold your nfc card near the card reader while paying. All of these are based on you have own solfware payment system.
13.56mhz PVC RFID Tag
Manufacturer Printable 13.56mhz PVC NTAG213 NTAG215 NTAG216 NFC RFID Tag
RFID Tags are small objects that contain a chip and an antenna for wireless identification of the objects they are attached to (or embedded in) with the help of an RFID reader. Unlike barcode technology, RFID tags do not require line of sight from the tag to the reader and support read/write functionality. 
Waterproof RFID Silicone Wristband
13.56mhz RFID Silicone Wristband
Water Park Cashless Payment Waterproof NFC MIFARE 13.56mhz RFID Silicone Wristband
13.56mhz RFID Silicone Wristband combine the RFID technology with good looking and practical housings. They can be used like a wrist watch and make using RFID technology easy. Flexible, waterproof silicone material makes it comfortable and durable for long lasting use. 
13.56mhz RFID Woven Wristband
MIFARE RFID Woven Wristband
Custom HF MIFARE 13.56Mhz RFID Woven Wristband For Music Festival
13.56mhz RFID Woven Wristband is comfortable and sturdy, which is equipped with a slider for a one-size-fits-all capability. is often 1-time use or recycle use depends on the lock type. You can customized your logo design and crafts. Widely utilized in festivals, events, concerts, parties, conferences etc.  
Anti-fake NTAG424 NFC Sticker
NTAG424 DNA Fragile NFC Sticker
High Security Anti-Counterfeiting Fragile NTAG424 DNA Tag Tamper Anti-fake NFC Sticker
Anti-fake NFC Sticker sets a new standard in secure NFC and IoT applications. The new chip generation offers state-of-the-art features for security and privacy protection, on attack-resistant certified silicon. The NTAG 424 DNA is architected to provide AES-128 cryptographic operation, new SUN authentication mechanism upon each read-out by an NFC enabled mobile device, as well as sensitive data protection with crypto-secure access permissions. This enables advanced product and content protection, plus secured and unique user experiences served in real-time.
EM4305 RFID Card
125KHz RFID EM4305 Card
Custom Printing RFID Rewritable 125KHz EM4305 Access Control Proximity ID Card
125KHz EM4305 Card has a built-in RFID chip and antenna. The EM4305 chip contains a factory-programmed 32-bit unique ID number, chip type and customer code. Widely used in access control system, employee ID card, hotel key card, parking card, etc.We can provide programming and coding services that fully meet the client's programming or coding requirements.
Customsize Printable RFID Blank Card
TK4100 RFID Blank Card
Customsize Printable RFID Access Control 125KHz PVC Smart Proximity ID Blank Card
125KHz PVC Blank Card The default is the standard size of the credit card. The standard size is 86 x 54mm and the thickness is 0.8mm. If you need the card with 1.8mm thickness and which a hole punch on top , we also can supply , please feel free send us your detail request
Custom 13.56Mhz NFC Woven Wristband
Disposable NFC Woven Wristband Supplier
Custom Disposable 13.56Mhz NTAG213 NTAG215 NTAG216 NFC Fabric Woven Wristband Supplier
Custom 13.56Mhz NFC Woven Wristband offer a stylish and secure admission solution for the events. If you're looking for a worry-free way to organize your guests and get some extra branding points, these bands are amazing. Made from high-quality material and disposable buckle. It’s conformtable and abrasion-resistant, available to custom your logo design, and different material for the small card and wristband all are acceptable
13.56mhz MIFARE Ultralight EV1 Woven Wristband
Festival Fabric MIFARE Ultralight Woven Wristband
Festival 13.56Mhz Passive NFC Fabric Bracelet MIFARE Ultralight EV1 RFID Woven Wristband Suppliers
13.56mhz MIFARE Ultralight EV1 Woven Wristband stylish and secure admission solution for the festivals. Made from high-quality material and adjustable buckle recycle use, and the material is available to custom as you like like polyester, nylon and so on. Multipurpose and easily worn around the wrist. Usually use for festivals, event management, concert and the  other access control
About us
Shenzhen Focused Smartech Co., LTD., Is A High-tech enterprise That Specialized In The R&D, Design, Production And Marketing Of RFID Card, RFID Reader/Writer, RFID Sticker, RFID Wristband And Other Intelligent Products.   To Boost Production Capacity And Better Serve Our Customers, In 2015, Focused Set Up ”Shenzhen Focused Wulian Technology Co., Ltd ” In Longhua District, Shenzhen. Engaged In THE R&D And Production Of RFID Products, We Can Design High-quality Personalized System Solutions According To Customers' Application Needs, Provide Professional RFID Solutions For The Global Market, And Fundamentally Provide Professional Technical Support For Customers.   With The Operation Principle Of “Customer First, Keep Developing And Being Honest & Responsible”, Focused Will Keep Developing And Innovate To Better Promote RFID Technology Application In Every Walk Of Life. Connecting The World With The “Chip” Will Be The Eternal Goal Of Focused's Sustainable Development.  
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Our Project
We have maintained friendly cooperation with customers in more than 70 countries and most of these projects are widely used for festival event, cashless payment, access control and assets management.  
  • RFID MIFARE Card For Luxury Hotel RFID MIFARE Card For Luxury Hotel
    RFID MIFARE Card For Luxury Hotel
    FOCUSED offer more than 100 thousands RFID Hotel Key Cards for Luxury Hotel. The popular chips for the hotel access control should be MIFARE Classic EV1 1K. The cards also can be used for cashless payment according to the systerm of hotel.    

  • ICODE Sticker For Korea Library Project ICODE Sticker For Korea Library Project
    ICODE Sticker For Korea Library Project
    FOCUSED support more than 500,000pcs RFID library sticker to Korea every year. As you know, the longest reading distance chips is ICODE SLIX, and that is why this chip is widely used for libray book management. Normaly the size is 50*50mm or can be customized. The ICODE library sticker is not a normal sticker, you can reduce a lot of manpower and time, with RFID chip easily realize the freedom of library management.  

  • Ultralight Woven Wristband For Music Festival Ultralight Woven Wristband For Music Festival
    Ultralight Woven Wristband For Music Festival
    FOCUSED support more than 1,000,000pcs RFID Woven Wristband for different Music Festival every year. The popular chip for the woven wristband should be MIFARE Ultralight C, the wristband is not just to be as a ticket for access control, it also can contact with your credit card and achieve the cashless payment during the festival, you can use the RFID Woven Wristband to buy any drinks and snacks from the stall. The wristband ticket can make you more enjoyable in the festival!

  • RFID PVC Wristband For Water Park Project RFID PVC Wristband For Water Park Project
    RFID PVC Wristband For Water Park Project
    FOCUSED support more than 600,000pcs RFID PVC Wristband for water theme park ever year. The wristband should be waterproof, durabale, solf & comfortable,  and the chip also need to be sensitive and stable. The popular chip for the water park system should be MIFARE Ultralight series or NTAG series. The RFID PVC Wristbands can be used for the access control and cashless payment. You can enjoy the great time in the water park with our RFID PVC wristband.  

  • RFID Slicone Wristband For Sunrise Festival RFID Slicone Wristband For Sunrise Festival
    RFID Slicone Wristband For Sunrise Festival
    FOCUSED support the RFID Wristband Ticket for Sunrise Festival From 2019-2022. The annual purchase quantity is 1,000,000pcs. The wristband is not a normal wristband, it is RFID Silicone Ultralight Wristband, which means there is a chip inside, customers can buy the RFID wristband as a ticket from the Sunrise website, and then they will receive a ticket in form of a wristband with RFID Chip, which will get you access to the festival, as well as you will be able to use it as payment method during the festival.

  • NFC Game Card For Beasts of Balance Project NFC Game Card For Beasts of Balance Project
    NFC Game Card For Beasts of Balance Project
    FOCUSED support more than 500,000pcs NFC game cards to Sensible Object every year. Founded in 2014, Sensible Object has been developing games that combine physical and digital play to create uniquely differentiated gaming experiences. Beasts of Balance is one of the project from Sensible Object, FOCUSED provides  the NFC Game Cards to be compatible with the gaming devices. These cards are special for the kids and customer will sell them on Amazon Market in Europe, so the cards have strict requitment as the toy products. What's more, this is not a normal card, it has the RFID chip MIFARE Ultralight EV1 inside the card, which can interact with gaming devices through electromagnetic induction to enhance the user experience. The most important part is that these NFC cards are made of environmentally friendly materials PET and meet European market standards EN71-3.   The EU market needs an EN71-3 test report, while the US market needs ASTMF963, CPSIA & CPC certificates. In addition, the raw materials need environmental PET &PET-G fabric and environmental ink. During the process of CMYK offset machine printing, distilled water is also needed to ensure that the ink will not be mixed with other chemical impurities.  Up to now, FOCUSED is the only one which has rich experience in eco-friendly NFC game card projects among many peers, and most of our customers are mainly from EU and US markets. If you have any NFC game card project, welcome to contact with us, FOCUSED will be an awesome options for you.  

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Provide the popular chip data sheet and you also can check our stock mold size of RFID card, sticker and wristband for reference if needed.
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Sample Centre Sample Centre
Click here to check different chip samples in stock for you to do test if needed. Any problems, welcome to let us know, have a nice day!
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