How do you choose the best RFID blocking technology? Nov 11, 2022

In response to the need to protect sensitive information, many RFID blocking products have been developed. However, not all RFID blocking technology are created equal.

There are two main types of RFID shielding technology: passive shielding and active shielding.

Using a passive RFID blocker is like having a shield in front of your RFID technology. It absorbs or reflects incoming RFID signals. Active RFID interceptors, on the other hand, have a microchip embedded in them that actively scrambles incoming RFID signals and temporarily interferes with scanning technology.


Which is better, RFID blocking card or sleeve?

A good strategy is to use both RFID blocking sleeves and blocking cards. The case protects all your cards, ensuring protection of devices you may not know have RFID chips in them. However, RFID-blocking cards that actively interfere with scanning devices are more reliable than RFID-blocking wallets.

If you plan to use one or the other, the active technology on the RFID blocking card is your best option. Ultimately, it's more secure than RFID wallets and better protects your information. Also, if the scanner gets stuck temporarily, it can slow down the browser and prevent other people's information from being viewed as well.


Can RFID cards be read through RFID blocking wallets?

Whether or not an RFID card can be read by an RFID shielded wallet depends largely on how often the microchip transmits.

In most cases, contactless payment cards will be protected by passive RFID blocking technology. However, RFID-enabled ID cards and passports have greater coverage. This means that to keep these personally identifiable documents safe, you need the active RFID blocking technology available in the RFID blocking card.


What kind of RFID blocking card should you get?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right card for your lifestyle. A good RFID blocking card should be:

  • Active, sending signals to interfere with skimming devices rather than simply reflecting them
  • Conveniently sized to fit in your wallet with your ID or credit card, so you can use them as your everyday carry
  • Sold by a trusted manufacturer so you know the card meets the directions on the label
  • Can work without battery
  • Suitable for RFID and NFC signals


What are the reliable RFID blocking cards on the market?

FOCUSED RFID blocking cards are usually made of pvc material, simple and secure, protecting you from data thieves who browse and steal your personal financial information in seconds. Customized materials, sizes and printed logo designs are supported. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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