How Does NFC Menu Tag Be Your Great Helper Dec 28, 2022

What Is NFC Menu Tag

NFC Menu tag should be the great assisant when guest order the food. It has an NFC chip inside and encode the link of the menu, the guest just need to scan the QR code or tap the nfc tag, then can see the digital menu directly. It can help save more time, the guests no longer have to wait in a queue or a waiter. They order when it's convenient for them at their table.

NFC Food Ordering Tag

Custom NFC Menu tag also can be called NFC food ordering tag, NFC restaurant tag, NFC table menu tag, QR Code NFC Menu Sticker, etc. They all have the same function to help operators to better serve customers, reduce queues and avoid mistakes, and increase consumers' in-store experience.



You can custom your own logo design, custom the suitable size to fit your own store, different chip options to meet your need, and the materials can be waterproof pvc, durable epoxy layer, double side printing for windows, can add the anti-metal layer for metal surface, eco-friendly wooden materials also can be done. Anything you can imagine, we can make it happen


Key Feature

  • No menu to touch, no menu to print, no app to download, high-efficiency, eco-friendly and save cost.
  • Provide your customers with a quick and easy way to access your Stripe, PayPal, Digital Menu, social media profiles, contact details & special offers on their phone. 
  • Using the NFC technology and QR code,the guest can choose the suitable way to open the digitalk menu in seconds. it can Works on iPhone & Android.
  • NFC and QR menu simplify management and reduce costs. No need to reprint menus just to change price or item, can edit your menu in real time.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Made of premium weather-resistant PVC, some of the nfc menu tags are two-sided so they can be used in an office building, on a car, or on a window for promotion.

 QR Code NFC Menu Sticker

How Does It Work

First, you need to buy an NFC menu tag.

Second, you have a phone with NFC Function

Third, download the nfc tools then can encode your own menu link to the tag.

Finally, the chip already have the url data, guest can scan the tag and check the menu directly.



NFC menu tag is not only using in restaurant, but also widely using for cafes, bars, hotels,clubs.

Using the NFC technology, the custom nfc tag can also be used for city guide, shopping guide, social media promotion,etc.

FOCUSED has specialized in RFID & NFC tags more than 10 years, for more details welcome to contact us!

Custom NFC Menu Tag

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