How To Program An NFC Tag? Oct 18, 2022

4 Steps To Help You Program An NFC Tag


Hey Guys, do you know how to program an custom 13.56MHz NFC tag? Nowadays the NFC tag has been more and more close to our daily life and we are not very unfamiliar with this product. But there are still some people who don't know how to program the NFC Tag. Today we are happy to share this skill for you.


1. NFC Phone

Make sure that your phone has the NFC function, most of the Android and IOS phone already have this function.


2. NFC Tag

Make sure that you have the NFC tag in your hand, it can be a custom 13.56MHz pvc NFC card, NFC epoxy tag, 13.56MHz NFC silicone wristband etc. As long as there is an RFID chip (13.56MHz) in it, it can be used.


3. Open The NFC Solfware

You can download the NFC solfware in your app store, the commonly used software includes NFC tools, TagWriter and NFC taginfo. The first two software can be read and write function.The last one app only can read the NFC products but can not encode data.


4. Programing

Choose the function you need in the NFC app, you can add a text record, URL record, application program record, social media link, location, bluetooth and wifi contact,etc.


If you need more information, welcome to contact us, we have the detailed video to show if you need.


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