How To Use NFC Tag For Social Media Dec 08, 2022

What is NFC Social Media Tag

Since COVID-19 began to spread around the world in 2019, the pandemic has affected the way we work, learn and interact, as guidelines of social distancing further lead to a more virtual existence both personally and at work.


Due to the social distancing rules, there's a new way to instantly share business cards with others in the United States first. It's called the NFC social Media tag. No touch, no battery, just tap the nfc social media and can share any social media information.  Such a new NFC digital business card is also an instant hot in the market,, but also gives people a new experience of the epidemic. NFC technology makes our life more interesting and convenient. This product went on to be sold worldwide and is still a hit today in 2022.

NFC Social Media TagNFC Epoxy Tag For Social Media

How to use the NFC Social Media Tag

You can share the custom link, website, text, contact card,



There are two cases

1. You already have creat your own app for social media sharing.

Then customer just need to use their mobile phone to download your app and tap the NFC tag, then edit their social media infomation in the app and active the chip.

2. You don't have any app or website.

Then you need to download the NFC app called NFC Tools to edit your own social media, before this, make sure your phone has the NFC function.


What's more, the difference between with app or without app is that the NFC tag can be achieve one to one or one to more.

For example, you can share multiple social media account by one NFC Tag if you have develop the own app, if not, you just can share only one social media account without app.



  • Popular Materials: PVC+Epoxy+Anti-metal layer
  • Custom size, shape, logo and packaging,support OEM/ODM
  • Small & light, waterproof,durable& beauty.
  • One tap to share social media, no need battery.
  • Compatible with IOS and Androd Mobile phone.
  • Develop customer’s own brand App or Website
  • Make friends faster and improve user experience.



NFC social media tag is a digital business card that you can take with you wherever you go, improving your networking and will an impressive to everyone you meet. This NFC technology is spread widely, many companies are interested and already to have it in different type like nfc epoxy tag, nfc social media bracelet and nfc epoxy keychain,etc.It should be the magical technology in these year.

FOCUSED has more than 10 years experience in RFID products, and we are the reliable supplier as well as partnet with Popl.Support OEM & ODM, also can provide the custom packaging and RFID solution. if need more information about this products, welcome to contact us to lear more together!


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