Little tags go a long way, the charm of NFC social media tag you don't know about. Feb 17, 2023

Why are the NFC social media stickers so popular


First, the NFC sticker has followed us at home, in the shops and at the office, or when we are on the move. Now, with the charm of social media and the NFC ensuring interoperability between a lot of devices marketers, companies and retailers can achieve an entirely new level of success.


Second, the popularity of smart devices has skyrocketed in recent years. And the more smart devices become, the more we can use them to interact with our environment.


Third, the COVID-19 began to spread around the world in 2019, and the social distancing rules. those has affected the way we work, learn and interact, as guidelines of social distancing further lead to a more virtual existence both personally and at work. While the nfc tag is no touch, just tap the nfc phone with nfc tag to make friend and share information.

NFC Epoxy Sticker

What is the NFC social media sticker


NFC Social Media sticker is all about sharing and people make friend and closer. It's made of tag and nfc chip, available to custom different material, model, printing your logo and read and write data. People can be connected and faster and closer to shared with the social media information, such as facebook, twitter and linkedin and so on. Beyond connections and friendships, share information. It has brought about a change in how we search for products or services and the way we shop.


How does the nfc social media tag works


★If you have developed app, people just need to download your app use the mobile phone and tap the NFC tag, then edit your social media information in the app and process the chip.

★If you have developed the unique urls, people just program each unique url to the nfc chip, then use the nfc phone to tap the programmed nfc tag to the process of opening the web page to edit your social media information as a business tag.

★If you don’t have developed any app or urls, the nfc tag also available to program your website link or your facebook link or other contact information.

 NFC Social Media Sticker

Advantages of nfc social media sticker


  • Custom size, shape, logo and packaging, support OEM/ODM
  • Small & light,durable& beauty.
  • One tap to share social media, web, no need battery.
  • Support with IOS and Android Mobile nfc phone.
  • Make friends faster and improve user experience.


FOCUSED specialized in RFID&NFC products which have over 10years production experience. We're available to custom different tags, the social media sharing nfc epoxy sticker is one of hot selling tags. NFC Bringing IoT and People closer. You're worth a NFC social media tag, for more custom details and application, welcome to contact us for best suggestion.



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