NFC Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Investing in NFC Jan 09, 2023

Investing in a technology requires more than money, it involves devoting your resources and time to make the strategy a success. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before buying NFC tags/stickers:


1. Which NFC use case are you targeting?

Before investing in any technology, it is important to be clear about the purpose and goals behind the investment. NFC technology can be used in any one or combination of use cases, from mobile-based payments to proximity marketing for in-store engagement and creating experiential retail shopping.
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2. Which NFC form factor is best for your use case?

NFC is available in two forms for advertising campaigns: NFC tags and NFC stickers. NFC tags are a viable option when deployed on posters, showcases or print advertising campaigns. However, NFC stickers are better suited for embedding in product packaging, price tags and business cards.


3. What should be the NFC range for your use case?

While some manufacturers sell long-range NFC tags, it's always best to opt for short-range NFC tags/stickers that transmit data when tapped. Short-range NFC tags keep customer data safe and ensure customers voluntarily engage with your advertising campaigns.


4. Does the seller provide both hardware and software?

Another important question to ask yourself when buying NFC tags is whether the seller you choose offers both NFC hardware and software for marketing through the hardware. While NFC tags/stickers can be easily purchased directly from the manufacturer or even through Amazon, the cumbersome task is configuring the device and sending notifications/activities through the device. Therefore, the best option is to make sure your NFC hardware is pre-configured at the time of purchase and comes with a cloud-based platform that helps you create events immediately and send notifications after deployment.

FOCUSED's NFC marketing platform offers you a subscription plan that provides an end-to-end NFC marketing solution from creating campaigns to analyzing campaign results.


5. Costs and benefits of using NFC

Investing in a new technology requires pre-determining the costs and benefits associated with it. The right NFC marketing platform should be the one that provides the most benefit for the cost you pay.

FOCUSED can help you integrate marketing solutions that include QR code marketing in addition to NFC marketing.

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Interested in buying NFC tags/stickers? Check out FOCUSE's NFC marketing solutions, support demos and learn more about NFC marketing from our experts.

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