The Application Of Smart Tags Nov 25, 2022

Application Background of Smart Tags

With the improvement of the modernization level of life, the types of books have become more and more abundant, and the collection of books in the library has also increased significantly. Relying on traditional manual sorting and inventory alone can no longer meet the needs of the industry. In addition, tedious and intensive work tasks not only increase the workload of administrators, but also make it easy for readers and friends to have a bad borrowing experience while waiting in meaningless queues. With the maturity of RFID technology, radio frequency technology can be well applied to book management. Using RFID smart tags for book numbering can quickly inventory and query unified management. Let's learn about it together!

Application Principle

Intelligent library management system, input book data, reader member information, data statistical analysis, etc. into the library management system. Data can be easily collected and statistically analyzed in the background. Accurately grasp readers' preferences through big data, and carry out targeted book delivery.

1. Book label: It can be written and read when pasted on the book, and the simple message of the edited book can be used as the secretary's identity number, which is convenient for inventory and query.

2. Hot Sale RFID Reader: used to collect tag data and feed back the data information to the system background.

3. Smart antenna: used to transmit and receive radio signals.

4. Mobile handheld terminal: collect unfixed tag data for inventory and search.


Practical applications of smart bookshelves

Benefits of smart tag Management

1. The system has functions such as infrared triggering, video monitoring, wrong display, sound and light prompts, and card authority management.

2. Book inventory: Real-time statistics of the number of books on the bookshelf, the system can generate reports, which is convenient for managers to check.

3. Automatic large-scale inventory, reducing the tasks of counting and searching for books, reducing the burden on staff in the library, and saving labor time and costs.

4. All-in-one card rights management, readers can borrow and return books on the self-service borrowing and returning machine with the IC card.

5. The open access control has high security, and the function of sounding an alarm for unauthorized books ensures that the books in the library are stolen.

6. Avoid queuing for now and increase reader satisfaction.


Application of open safety access doors

Related RFID hardware introduction

RFID high-frequency medium-power electronic tag reader HR9206 high-frequency medium-power luxury librarian workstation, based on completely independent intellectual property design, combined with proprietary electronic label decoding core and processing algorithm, while maintaining a high reading rate, realizes electronic The fast reading and writing processing of tags is widely used in various RFID system application fields such as library staff workstations, unmanned retail stores, librarian workstations in file management, clothing smart cash register systems, catering smart cash register systems, and confidential document management.

RFID High Frequency Librarian Workstation Reader

RFID high-frequency digital signal antenna tuning is a high-performance reverse-pole antenna tuning board designed by our company for different applications. It can modulate 13.56MHz standard frequency antennas according to the site environment and customer requirements. The product has been widely used in libraries. Intelligent bookshelves, intelligent file management, new retail unmanned vending cabinets, important ticket management, test tube reagent management, drifting bookcases, drug consignment cabinets, commodity positioning, industry confidential document management, fluent racks, jewelry management, self-service laundry services, etc. RFID systems application field.

RFID high frequency digital signal antenna tuning

RFID Programmable book tag is a special tag for high-frequency book management. It adopts a unique tag antenna design, has excellent performance, and can read multiple tags at a long distance. It is widely used in library management, file management, asset management Management, clothing management, production line management, equipment inspection and other fields.

RFID high-frequency handheld antenna is a high-performance 50Ω standard impedance 13.56MHz high-frequency handheld antenna, with completely independent intellectual property rights, built-in proprietary adapter, combined with fine antenna wire selection and design, to achieve stability for electronic tags The induction effect is widely used in various radio frequency identification (RFID) systems such as book inventory, file inventory, mold management, asset inventory, personal identification, single product management system and production process control.

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