Why Do You Need An NFC Black PVC Business Card Mar 09, 2023

What is NFC Business Card


Near-field communication (NFC) business cards enable you to share your contact information with a single tap. It has an NFC chip inside with different capacity for you to encode your own information like phone number, email address, location, website,etc. It is the popular digital business card and a new way to show yourself on the market now.




NFC Black Business Card makers asked business card manufacturers to focus on creating cards with high quality and impressive technology.

FOCUSED recommended black PVC cards with collectible value for gift cards and low-key luxury for business cards. Customize exclusive personal patterns and designs.


NFC Black PVC Card using new PVC black material as business card printing material, choose gilding technology, the effect of three-dimensional pattern good, gold and black impact, matte black and gilding, at home engraving concave and convex, grade instant upgrade. At the same time, enhance the value of products, shape the corporate image, and enhance the goodwill and trust of customers.



brushed gold + relief process

brushed silver + relief process

laser gold + relief process

UV oil + relief process

Bar code & QR code

Custom logo design


FOCUSED, a dedicated RFID manufacturer with more than 10 years of expertise, have the advantages of exquisite design, color, technology, no fading, not easy to scratch, water and oil, and not easy to damage. For companies with a wait-and-see attitude toward the quality of the card process, FOCUSED on free samples, different styles of card process presentation, visible quality, let you feel at ease business card printing. Any inquiry, welcome to let us know!


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