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What is RFID library tag


The RFID library tag is made of chip and label. Through RFID reader to read the RFID label pasted in the literature and book shelf, with the help of background RFID management system and library automatic integration system, to realize the integrated management of literature, book shelf, borrowing and returning, shelving and collection between staff.

There are 2 frequency bands for RFID tags is UHF and HF. HF frequency is 13.56MHz with ISO 15693 protocol with less than 1M read range that allows for accurate item processing. UHF frequency that is 860-960MHz. UHF tags read range can be up to about 8 meters which allows fast inventory tracking. You can choose UHF or HF based on your requirement.

RFID Library Tag


Why RFID tag for library


Nowadays, RFID label is commonly used in libraries worldwide. More and more libraries and publishers announced their intent to integrate RFID technology. It can help automate complexity and unleash the library full potential. 

· Improve books&documents stock visibility, efficient management

· Efficiently and quickly improve the shelving speed and simplify self check-in/check-out, avoid waiting in line

· Accuracy of circulation and shelving functionsquickly locate the book location

· Theft preventionreduce obstacle with technology, reduce labour cost

· Change the service model of library, improve visitor experience


How RFID Book Tag works


RFID Library System will include tags, readers& software.

Books are tagged with RFID book tag. When book tags come near to the reader, it will provide power to the library tags to get the data from the RFID tags to enable a automotive checking in&out or inventory tracking on shelves. When an item passed the gate reader, it will be alerted whether it has been checked out.


The RFID system relays the ID number to the library management system, which retrieves the title, checks it out and generates a receipt. If a visitor is returning a book, the tag responds with the ID number and the system credits the user's account, here a simple picture of library working as a reference below:

RFID Book Tag


Hot selling library tag model size

RFID Label


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