What Is A RFID MIFARE Card? Nov 02, 2022

RFID MIFARE card technologies comply with ISO/IEC 14443A, a four-part international standad for contactless smart card operating at 13.56MHz. All the MIFARE Chips are from NXP company and the MIFARE cards are popular used for Identification, cashless payment and access control, so you can always see some keywords on the markets like customized pvc 13.56MHz MIFARE payment card, pvc MIFARE access control card, contactless 13.56MHz pvc MIFARE card etc.


How secure are RFID MIFARE card

  • Mifare cards employ 3 pass security that thwarts relay attacks
  • Access to data in each sector is protected with a 48-bit key
  • Transmission between Mifare chip and the reader is encrypted
  • The card is not affected by harsh environmental factors such as dust


Advantages of MIFARE card


1)Hight speed transactions

The reading range can be up to 10cm, tt really depends on the specific chip, the antenna size and the reading environment.


2)Increased security

Secure encryption during transmission and storage of information prevents unauthorized access to information stored on the card. This makes it really difficult to copy a Mifare card. Mifare cards are capable of handling up to 15 applications.


3)Increased Efficiency & Reduced Cost

Increased throughput by decreasing check-out times, reducing costs of cash handling and processing, save more time.


4)Multi Interface

MIFARE cards have support for both non-contactless and contact interface, giving the user the ultimate convenience of duo interface.


5)Various iof capacity options

There are different capacity with different MIFARE chips for options that can meet with customers'request. The capacity can be 48bytes, 192bytes, 1k, 2k, 4k,8k.


6)Improved Customer Experience 

Simplify the purchase process, improve the convenience of consumers and make life better.


Application Areas of MIFARE card


  • Access control  (MIFARE Classic card)

MIFARE card may feature secure employee badges for convenient and secure access to workplace. You can store passwords in the card, giving the user guaranteed authorized access to consumer and corporate data. Logical access is also a possible way, the user can secure access to computer networks, data files and software.


  • Event Ticketing ( MIFARE Ultralight card)

MIFARE card also can be used in ticketing events like ferstival, carnival & concert, giving access entrance to stadiums, exhibitions and leisure parks.


  • Public Transport ( MIFARE Plus & MIFARE DESFire card)

MIFARE card actually revolutionized the transportation industry. Thanks to their multi-app features, tourists can easily buy tickets to different destinations or use public transport services.


MIFARE cards can also be used for loyalty and gaming,etc. In the future, the application scenarios will be more and more extensive. With shorter transaction times, minimal chance of fraud and greater security, the MIFARE card became more important in transportation planning and quickly gained favor with more financial payment institutions and associations around the world.


*MIFARE and MIFARE Classic are trademarks of NXP B.V.

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