What is an NFC Business Card? Oct 14, 2022

NFC Business Card is one of the products in RFID Card, the NFC means Near-field communication and the frequency is 13.56Mhz, which make sure the NFC card can 100% compatible with mobile NFC devices.


NFC business cards can help you share your own contact information or social media information with a single tap. NFC business cards fall into two categories: a digital business NFC card and an NFC tag.


There are some types of NFC tags like NFC stickers, NFC social media tag, NFC keychains, and physical cards. They contain the RFID chip inside and when tapped to another smartphone, the information paired with your tag (like the link to your business card) automatically appears.


Of course, there are two cases, it depends on if you have the special app or not.

If you have developed your own app for the business card, you can encode various information into your app like your email address, your phone number, your other social media information, and this information will be collected and a web address is generated to be written into the card, when someone else tap your NFC cards, they can check all the information you have.


If you don’t have the special app, the NFC business card can only achieve a single display effect, for example, you only can share your Twitter account and can not share your Tik tot account together. This is the limited without app.


FOCUSED is an ISO90001 NFC business card manufacturer with more than 10 years. If you have any interest in the NFC cards or other RFID products, welcome to contact us for more details.

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